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A Message from the Cox's Bazar Refugee Camp

2 July 2024

A Message from the Cox's Bazar Refugee Camp


Khair Ullah, a Rohingya refugee and dedicated member of the APRRN Youth Working Group, shares the escalating challenges in Cox's Bazar refugee camp, including inadequate healthcare, insufficient rations, human trafficking, and lack of education.


Despite these hardships, the Rohingya community remains resilient. On this World Refugee Week, we stand with them, advocate for their rights, and support their fight for a better future.


Watch the Message from the Cox's Bazar Refugee Camp




1 March 2023

Voice of America (VOA) -- Death of Uyghur Refugee in Thai Detention Stirs Condemnation

WASHINGTON — A Uyghur refugee from China's Xinjiang region died of alleged police neglect this month at the Bangkok Immigration Detention Center, raising concerns about the treatment of the more than 50 Uyghur refugees who have been held at the center since 2014.


23 August 2022

Japan grants refugee status to 98 Afghans fleeing Taliban rule

Japan has granted refugee status to 98 people who have fled Afghanistan since the Taliban returned to power last August, government sources said Tuesday, in a rare move for a country with a poor record on giving asylum.


3 August 2022

Govt urged to create conducive environment for refugees to live with dignity

In a joint statement today, the Alliance of Chin Refugees and Beyond Borders urged the government to create a conducive environment so that refugees can live with dignity.- NSTP/AZHAR RAMLI